WindTrap the Wind turbine


WindTrap, the wind turbine, discreet, efficient, silent and safe for birds on a principle dating back 1400 years, with today’s technology. 

Develop in collaboration with

  • Cetim (Technical Center for Mechanical Industries) for digital simulation
  • CSTB for wind tunnel tests (Scientific and Technical Building Center).

Double propeller in opposite direction to reduce vibrations like on nuclear submarines With protection against headwinds and a vertical axis, it belongs to slow wind turbines (therefore no whistling) allowing production to continue when other wind turbines stop because …. too much wind The most important benefits are obviously not publicly disclosed for industrial protection reasons. A report of the simulations and tests details these innovative technical characteristics. The most important example: the wind does not like obstacles, it goes around them if it can. Why would the wind penetrate the WindTrap rather than going around it like on other vertical axis wind turbines? Thank you CETIM.