WindTrap Renewable energies to discover and help


These renewable energy innovations are to be finalized. We are looking for partners. We study all proposals. Do not hesitate to contact us


WindTrap  (wind turbine): (next)

More than 50k€ have already been invested to establish, validate, test its innovative characteristics with two French research centers.

To continue this project in partnership with you, your curiosity is essential for this wind turbine, discreet, efficient, silent and safe for birds on a 1400-year-old principle with today’s technology (with the help of the French research center Cetim, the Cstb):

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WaterH2 Hydrogen

Producing hydrogen directly in the trunk of the car, as the car needs, it is not the solution of the future, but that of tomorrow.

Benefits of hydrogen production at the place of consumption

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WebTrap: Protection of property and people,

Protection of property and people, (burglary and attack on shops) on a principle dating back 2100 years………

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WattTrap  (Stockage/lissage énergie):

Energy storage/ smoothing. Energy storage for wind turbines, based on a concept dating back to 3000 BC. and used in Belgium in the 1900s. This storage/smoothing of renewable energies also improves the stability of electrical networks.


WaterfreshTrap (desalinate water): 

Desalinate seawater with a principle that is several generations old (long before the appearance of electricity).


WaterTrap (tidal turbine):

A self-orienting tidal turbine. Installed alone or in an efficient cluster, discreet, silent and safe for fish, on a principle dating back 1400 years. It is achievable with today’s technologies. It pivots around an axis (mast) to adapt to the direction of the current, the tides. Its Barbules protect the fish and avoid the obstruction of the Water-Trap.


WarmTrap (protection of vines)

Frost protection for vineyards. Divert a simple and inexpensive product from its initial use to adapt it to protection against the cold.